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Pinellas County Recyclables Info

Pinellas County has made it easier for you to recycle by using 'Single Stream.' This is a method that allows you go commingle your recyclables instead of having to separate them into different containers.

95 Gallon Carts are available.

Call for Details.

Pinellas County Guidelines Single Stream Recycling

Items that you can recycle are: Aluminum, Tin & Steel Cans; Cardboard (flattened); Cartons (NO Straws); Glass Bottles & Jars (NO other types of glass); Newspaper, Mixed Paper & Paperboard (Cereal Boxes); Plastic Bottles (Plastic containers  #1-70). Place clean and empty items loose in recycling containers.

Items that are not recyclable are: No plastic bags, wrap, packaging or film; No paper towels, plates, cups, tissue or wax paper; No styrofoam, foam containers, or packaging.

Please make sure containers are Emptied and Rinsed.

For more information about recycling call us at County Sanitation: 727-522-5794.